Friday, June 22, 2012

Dogs in the workplace

A lady with a walker with a basket had some little tyke dog along at the doctor’s office the other day. It was an eye doctor—but she did not get led by this little guy—she was wheeling him in. This caused no hullabaloo.

I have a dog in my (home) workplace—at the moment, a weirded out one who stares at me all day like Night of the Living Dead.

I have never been in a real office situation where dogs came in—have you?

Sue Manning, AP, says June 22 was Take Your Dog to Work Day—and that 1.4 million people do.

Apparently at my reality channel Bravo, the canines are welcome. Same for Google.

This keeps employees happy.

I saw on “Dogs in the City,” CBS, that one woman’s rather large mutt did not like her clients--models with purse dogs-to intrude and scared everyone by savagely lunging until mellowed out by the cute dog guy. I would wonder, too, what if there were a dozen dogs in on the deal.

Anyone experienced this?

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