Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Multitasking too taxing

I know—have a lot to do? Do it all at the same time!

Christina Tetreault, AZ Republic, June 17, 2012, says a phone in the ear, a hand on the keyboard, an open file all working at the same time—recipe for ARRRG.

You are what we used to call disorganized. Multitasking decreases efficiency over 40%.

Try instead prioritizing—is that a word now? It didn’t used to be.

First, pick the top three tasks for the day. Do one before even checking email.

Do the hardest task first.

Set aside a power hour—all work—60 minutes.

Turn off all cellphone, computer alerts, etc.

Sounds good—now where was I? Oh, yes, wondering why my stomach hurts.

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