Thursday, June 7, 2012

Perks not in job offer letter--now what

Always something, isn’t it? You get a decent offer—finally—with a bump in six months, this much vacation, a 401K, etc, then when the offer letter comes, none of this is in there.

One jobseeker reports that when she asked for these things to be put in writing, they shuffled around and said maybe she “wasn’t a good fit.”

This is called lying.

But—if you need the job—you need to go over this in your mind—were these things offered or just discussed in some form.

Maybe the standard perks--vacation, pension, probation period, are assumed. They may be in the job manual. You need to feel this out.

Can you live without the perks left out?

Do you think the company is open to discussion—was this oversight deliberate, in other words?

This will be your first meaningful discussion with these people—think before you pounce.

Maybe one or two could be sacrificed as bargaining chips to show your good faith.

Or not--if you are really irked, then walk.

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