Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ReServe can be your Act Two

A friend and I were talking—our businesses are so crappy, we thought, “You know—we could be retired and not know it.”

Jim Fitzgerald, AP, writes about a possible outlet—ReServe. This group pairs professionals with nonprofits—at a bargain rate for the nonprofit.

In seven years, 1,500 execs have pitched in. They are mentors, bookkeepers, writers, teachers, paralegals, nurses, doctors, anything you can imagine. Fundraising and grant writing are hot now, due to the slow economy.

The biggest branch of this is in New York.

The nonprofits pay $15 an hour—with $2.60 going to ReServe (which also receives private money) and $2.40 to the company that manages payroll.

At the moment, they have more people than they can place…but what about your area…think you could get something going?

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