Monday, June 11, 2012

Sharing values determine the "fit"

Some companies are ruthless—people stay until midnight—law firms can be like this, financial firms.

Others, like Google and Facebook, are about the games, the paid dry cleaning, the gyms—but they also don’t discourage your staying until all hours.

Others make the annual lists of companies good for women, flexible, child conscious.

Some places let you bring your pets.

You need to be sure you are OK with the ambiance. If the company is wild for their softball team and you never show up, much less play, this can be noticed.

It the company is team-based—not top-down—and you are some sort of loner-genius, this could be misunderstood.

Most bosses play favorites—you might not be the favorite—how would you feel?

Often you don’t know these things until you are in there, but don’t say they don’t matter, because they do.

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