Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer jobs for teens--don't count on it

Hope Yen, AP, says summer jobs are disappearing—people grab them for underemployment—underemployment now being a goal.

I also read the unions are going to organize the unemployed—they might want to check into how we will pay those dues.

These days only 3 out of 10 teens have a summer job. This is the lowest since World War II.

Supposedly this is because kids are at pre-college camp or something. I sort of doubt that.

In truth, upper income white teens are more likely to have summer employment.

Starting work in HS leads to good work habits.

I say start a lawn mowing business—if your area does not have a bunch of loony rules and regs preventing it.

Even then you may be crowded out by older people or immigrants.

So print up a babysitting card at Get out there. Hustle.

By the way--it's already summer!

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