Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apps-ly put

My sister-in-law was here some months ago and was constantly on her tiny little phone looking up things we were already looking at. Looking at—with our eyes.

Dawn Gilbertson, AZ Republic, July 22, 2012, talks about travel apps. She was in San Francisco and asked the hotel concierge to go through all her apps on her phone and find a restaurant.

Concierges need to know this stuff—it’s their job. In this case, the concierge did not like what was on Dawn’s apps but did see that a place around the corner had a good special for her, the concierge!

Come on. This has gone too far.

Are you going to spend your whole vacation looking for one-day deals on Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers, Daily Candy, Bite Hunter, and Goldstar?

I list these because I am told that some people do the opposite of what I say. Some people not even in my family, if you can believe that.

Anyhow, this babe did find a bunch of unheralded (hole in the wall) places with great java and unique burgers.

So who am I to knock it?

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