Friday, July 6, 2012

Break before grad school

The experts say grad school can benefit you so much more if you take a two-year break before starting.

Some grad programs even require you have experience first.

That would be real-world experience. Reality. School is not reality and it’s not just a crippling expensive place to hang out hiding from reality.

Working can let you try a specialty on for size.

If you do work—try to find something that feeds into your narrative—is in your area.

Working can also help with expenses.

Mostly, though, working can give you a dose of reality—the day to day, the people interactions (you think school is petty!), the personal integrity it takes to do things you may not want to. Assuming you can find a job! The numbers were crappy again this AM.

Oh--one more thing. Taking a two year break may mean you don't go to grad school. You may like the job--you may learn about refreshers and certification programs to help you advance short of a formal degree--you may be glad to be out of school.

You just never know in this world.

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