Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cash mobs help local business

Stephanie Russo, Arizona Republic, July 4, 2012, brings up a new social media critter—the cash mob.

Instead of breaking into synchronized dance, the mob brings money and spends it in a business.

These started in the US late last year—a blogger (of course) wrote about the first one in Cleveland and they started to multiply.

American Public Media’s Marketplace Money program sent the idea national.

Here in Arizona, a local chamber exec picked up on the idea for his member businesses, including one that sells alcohol-infused ice cream.

For every $100 spent at a local business, $73 stays in the state—versus $43 for a non-locally owned business.

Best for this are local businesses with items under $20. Items should be for both men and women. Inform the business. And spread the word for a week ahead of time.

Go to for more info.

This is enough to give a mob a good name.

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