Friday, July 27, 2012

Coping--sort of

Bear with me—emergencies.

We had to go to the ER with my 94-yr-old mother Thurs—the usual wait of hours. Old ladies, my sister and I at the bedside are old, too, get last priority. I bitched—but I am muted from having some weird problem or reaction—very dizzy. I thought I would end up in the next bed.


Not good.

Why are people in ERs so hard to deal with? One orderly who had seen me all day clinging to the wall to walk, brought a wheelchair and insisted on pushing me to Mom’s room when she finally got one. I resisted but it helped. So I take back my mean comments.

Oh--and my daughter blew out a knee and we are taking her to the ER since we are going to the hospital. And the dog is sick.

Have a nice weekend now!

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