Thursday, July 12, 2012

I said no recently

I had a new client—I thought—but then she loaded on special conditions, this, that, would not compromise. So I backed out.

CareerBuilder says sometimes you do have to say no. Maybe—they said—something is a bad idea or a waste of time.

According to Dianna Booher, author of Communicate with Confidence, you can say no without being a creep.

Listen to the new idea. Mull it over.

Then say how the idea would work—offer suggestions for tweaks (I did this).

Explain your take of what is involved, sometimes people don’t know.

With the other person’s goal in mind, offer alternatives.

Keep it open, pleasant.

I am not always great on that last—I feel like a bad outtake of the Godfather—I am not getting respect.

In my defense, this last person countered with I have plenty of writers--my way or the highway.

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