Monday, July 16, 2012

Is your house seniorized?

Maybe you are young and don’t care. OK. But Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic, July 15, 2012, says ”senioring” a house can help it sell.

Many people (news flash!) have bad knees, hips, and ailments. They don’t want two-story houses.

Some also do not want condos—they tend to go back to houses.

A lot of one-story houses were built last century. So that’s good. But now with the cost of land rising, more multi-story houses are being built.

Senior friendly can mean a first floor master suite—but only if you want it—not for resale purposes (because it will cost).

Cheaper fixes are replacing carpet with wheelchair friendly laminate or tile.

Maybe low kitchen counters or cabinets.

You can put grab bars in the bathroom and elsewhere.

I have a step to get outside in front—you should hear me whine about that step. I am a baby.

You know the best senior deal of all--a tall toilet! I crave one. I dream about one. My daughter kids around about the present one--"I am falling down, down," she wails, "save me, I am in the well."

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