Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pipe up if you are in doubt

Say you do get a decent job—should you hunker down and shut up and try to figure things out on your own?

CareerBuilder says it’s OK to ask for help—everyone is new sometime.

Be humble about it. Yes, you are qualified for the job, you got the job, but you don’t know everything!

Ask questions—ask them at an opportune time, don’t interrupt something else, be sure you need to know the answers and listen to the answers.

Make suggestions—then ask if these ideas are on target.

I made a career out of asking people things—usually they are glad to expound.

One thing new hires need to ask for is priorities…A boss may be so glad to have an assistant, he or she will says, “OK, you need to read through the last year of cases, call so and so and so and so, set up a meeting with blank, do you know how this phone system works, do something about this file system, blah blah."

That is when you need to say, “Do you think you could put those in order of importance for me?”

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