Monday, July 9, 2012

Scientists hurting for work

Math and science, math and science…Even at the White House level, or especially at it, these are the mantras. Everyone should be a scientist.

Brian Vastag, WashPost, recently questioned all this call for scientists. Computer science and petroleum engineering seem to be hot, but other fields are bobbing along the bottom like much of the rest of the economy.

Don’t expect anyone to clamor for you, said the editor of the online Science Careers site.

Only 14% of those with a PhD in biology or the life sciences can find an academic post within 5 yrs.

Pharmcos also have been consolidated and jobs slashed—a 300,000 job “bloodbath,” as described by one expert.

Just 38% of new PhD chemists are employed.

Soooo…..Maybe everyone should not be a scientist.

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