Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wake up--get a non-boring job

Justin Thompson, CareerBuilder, has some ideas if you are drowsy in your present situation.

Some people like challenges every day—an unpredictable environment. Some hate that.

They recently did a survey in England and a fourth of people were downright bored with their jobs.

You can lose concentration, make mistakes, and be a bad worker if badly matched excitement-wise.

Some more unpredictable options include:

Hairdresser. You will be in business for yourself, have to deal with difficult people.

Bartender. Again, this is social, lots of chitchat. Tips make up much of the income—you have different finances to deal with. On your feet a lot.

Hotel concierge. Some new challenge every minute—you need to keep up with the events, the shows, the ticket prices, special requests.

Publicists go-go-go all day getting celebs ink and juggling their issues.

Law enforcement. You never know on this one!

Landscape architect. You need to plan, deal with weather, crews, the unexpected.

Food critic. You need to know food and have an iron stomach. I used to do food reviews—it isn’t all gravy.

I ate goat once.

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