Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are you setting yourself up to fail?

John Lees, a UK career guru and author of How to Get a Job You’ll Love, says there are six types of frustrated job hunters out there now.

Those who think they know what to do and don’t. They have a weak CV, they are stuck in first gear.

Those who have their own way of doing things, thank you. A radical rethink may be needed.

Those who are too angry to change. These are people who hate glass-half-full advice (me).

Those who look like they are looking—but aren’t. They list contacts, etc., but never call.

Those who know what to do, but don’t do it. They know they need multiple strategies, but don’t do it that way

You can always become the person who finds out how to do it right—late in the day.

Any of these sound familiar?

This was in the Harvard Business Review, by the way—even the big boys and girls need a nudge.

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