Friday, August 3, 2012

Employers are quite the busy detectives

CareerBuilder reminds us that those employers out there—the ones standing—are looking to eliminate people and they do it on the net.

They check work history, residences, dates of employment, everything they can dredge up.

Red flags are gaps in employment, reluctance to say why you left, and unusual periods of self-employment (mine has been 35 yrs—oops).

They go social networking sites and look at what you said about work, various employers, and school.

If you spit back keywords in your app—say project manager—employers may “test” you. What projects, money made or saved, and so on.

I know all this is pretty old—that you know it. Just don’t forget. And please do not put the skimpy outfits and beach shots on your sites, much less anatomical uh-ohs.

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