Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you must decamp

I am not sure I get this idea of yanking up roots and leaving your home when you retire or get older.

Maybe you need a cheaper place.

Chandler AZ is cheaper than DC, but moving from my home has devastated me.

If you are feeling itchy, though, Rebecca Lurye, USA TODAY, says certain cities are better than others for older people.

The Midwest is better than Florida, supposedly. This according to the Milliken Institute in CA.

They developed 78 markers of "success" for older people, from cost of living to available doctors.

These are opinions, not facts., they say.

The top picks: Provo-Orem, Utah
Madison, Wisc
Omaha, Neb-Council Bluffs, Iowa (tied)
Cambridge, Mass-Quincy, NH (tied)
New York0Long Island- Northern NJ (tied)

Also rans are Souix Falls, SD, Iowa City, Bismarck ND, Columbia MO, Rochester, Minn.

Well, that last one has the Mayo Clinic. I can see that.

I dunno—can you suggest better ones? Everybody around here seems to want to go to Raleigh, NC—I have been there many times…It’s OK, no big woo.

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