Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meditation--at least it's cheap

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, says we all may need to be less stressed and more focused.

I personally am a mess of stress, the hideous economy, my business (which I built!) ruined, and my mother dying.

I keep trying to meditate, but I cannot even sit still and I don’t mean in a lotus—if I ever “assumed the position,” I would need the Jaws of Life to free me.

Still, a professor David Levy at the Univ of Washington, found that those with meditation training stayed on task longer. Memory also increased.

Levy divided his subjects into three groups. One got 8 weeks of mindfulness-based meditation, the second body-relaxation, and the third got no initial training.

The meditation group has lower stress levels during multitasking tests, and could concentrate longer.

Meditation “strengthens your attention muscle,” Levy said.

There are many ways to meditate—the simplest is to sit, concentrate on breathing in…breathing out…breathing in…the dishes aren’t done, just sec…no, breathing in, breathing out.

Keep bringing your mind back.

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