Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My readers know this--I hope

CareerBuilder goes over some mistakes job seekers make.

First, many get an interview and they wait for an answer—keep your options open. Keep on looking and responding.

Don’t turn up your nose at descriptions of jobs. They may not be your dream, but you need to start someplace.

Always send a thank you note for an interview. A few lines, mailed, maybe a word or two on your strengths.

Prescreen your references. Make sure they know someone may call. And make sure they still like you.

Clean out your briefcase—don’t let anyone see a rat’s nest in there.

List only 10-15 years of your experience. Lifeguarding in HS is TMI.

Don’t use your work email—this will make employers think you would use THEIR equipment for job hunting.

When the answer is no—send another thank you for the opportunity to be considered.

Look yourself up online, see what employers will find.

Don’t think you will get a job by saying you need one. This is about what THEY need.

Don’t be so desperate you offer to work for free or sell yourself short.

Stand tall, people.

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