Monday, August 6, 2012

Selling? Check out what is nearby

Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic, Aug 5, 2012, says what is located near your house may influence the deal you can get—for or against.

Sewerage treatment plant? Drawback.

Airport? Could be a negative. (Cemeteries always seemed to me to be good prospects—but I guess planes could interrupt services.)

School across the street? OK if your kids are in school—but when they get out? Churches are only crowded on Sunday—so they may be OK.

People want to be 10 mins from groceries, hardware, gas stations.

Many buyers like full-grown leafy trees.

Crime? If it’s bad—this can hurt. Graffiti can be killer.

Retirees often want a short trip to docs and hospitals.

It’s all up in the air—there is a buyer for your house someplace—keep looking.

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