Monday, August 27, 2012

Want a government job?

Tian Chen, AZ Republic, Aug 26, 2012, says even though govt payrolls are being cut (in my opinion, a needed thing), you can still land a govt job if you try.

First, visit government websites and check out job postings. Start with

See how they lay out requirements—how they do the position descriptions, minimum requirements, and preferred attributes.

These are very important. You want your application to spit these back—don’t just send your usual resume. Craft it!

Start with professional experience closest to the job requirement—even if it was years before. Then put supporting education. Then other work experience.

You can go over a page—that is not operative anymore.

Join professional organizations that work with your target govt agency Get to know people.

Apply, apply, apply—don’t just send in one of two things and wait.

If you are a veteran, by the way, you get preference.

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