Friday, August 31, 2012

You may be retired and not know it

I used to joke around that I was retired—I stayed at home and played with my animals, I would say, isn’t that what retired people do?

Then, four yrs ago, work fell off that ever-popular cliff. I was home, so were the animals, but I was way not working!

Now about a third of people near retirement age say they don’t plan to retire. Two years ago, that was 29%.

If you can hang onto a job into your sixties, maybe you better!

But thinking all it takes to work in your sixties and seventies is determination may be thinking wishfully.

Half of all retirees retired before age 60—voluntarily or not.

I know I can’t get a “real” job—I am limited walking-wise (arthritis) and mentally (freelancer).

This stuff is not easy. It actually is rocket science.

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