Monday, September 17, 2012

Can't beat that old-time kitchenware

I once wrote an essay on how everything that cooks to do food is violent—mash, crush, slice, cut, dice, section, boil, roast, skewer, etc. Anyhow, I thought of that when I read an essay by Bee Wilson in the WSJ.

Usually new tech replaces old, but not always and not in the kitchen, she says.

Sure, some chefs use newfangled dessicators, centrifuges, and Paco-jets.

But few of these find their way into the home.

Boiling pasta in water, draining in a colander, and saucing with herbs crushed against a rock (mortar) are very old techniques people still like. This has been the way for 10,000 years.

Maybe more. When did we get fire again?

Anyhow, you don’t need a sous-vide bag (whatever that is) or back to the violence theme—a cookie gun.

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