Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Career change mistakes

Time to reinvent yourself? I hate it when that happens! Time and time again—just to survive.

Writing for Simply Hired, Annie Favreau says it’s a mistake to leap before you look. Know what went wrong in your last career—will it carry into your next one—is it attitude, work habits, the industry you were in?

Don’t stick with the familiar necessarily. Don’t go into something because a friend did.

If you only focus on practicality—how to make the most money, get the best bennies--you may make a mistake. But you also cannot buy into that popular baloney about following your heart and the money will come—sometimes it doesn’t.

Get the skills even if you have to pay for them.

And don’t expect everything to click overnight. And even if it does click, you will work 90,000 hours if you’re lucky—this new “you” may not be the final one.

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