Thursday, September 20, 2012

Come on, hire a vet

Unemployment for vets who served since Sept 2001 is 8.9! This is down from 12.4% but still not good.

 In the 18-24 male area, unemployment is almost 30%!

Vets bring valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership and problem-solving.

Look at the overall skill set. In a survey vets were asks how strongly they agreed with the following statements—check this out.

I can think on my feet—87%
I work well on a team—83%
I have experience dealing with conflict effectively—73%
I trust leaders, superiors—58%
I have experience working in other countries—48%

Problems they say they have encountered: finding a work environment in which they are comfortable, knowing what jobs to apply for, translating military experience to civilian needs, and knowing how to write a resume and get started. is a good starting place.

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