Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Future TV

A certain president is making “jokes” about black and white TV at the moment, but I remember the halcyon days of black and white. My parents did not get a TV until the early 60s—we sneaked into a neighbor’s darkened bedroom to watch westerns on their B&W.

I also remember buying my first color set—I wrote about it for TV Guide.

I am a huge TV watcher. Jon Chase, Entertainment Weekly, wonders how TV will change in the future.

What with Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu, laptops, smartphones, etc., flexibility is needed.

Contrary to some of the buzz, people still watch TV—an average of 5 hrs a day. Ninety-eight percent is on a boob tube.

In the future, all screens will be “smart” and “connected.”

There will be built-in camera and microphone, so you can chat with friends on a different screen and watch together.

I wish I could zap a neat movie to my sister’s TV a few miles away.

Maybe some day.

Stay tuned.

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