Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recovering from a big interview gaffe

Career Builder says it’s pretty easy to finally get an interview—and then blow it.

Since, like most people,, you probably don’t have a time machine—what should you do?

First, apologize. “Please forgive me.”

Say what you learned—if you were late, say, “I see I will have to allow way more time to get here.”

Don’t overdo it. If you drop an f-bomb, apologize and move on.

Try to stay calm. Say you extol the competitor’s product instead of the one the company makes. Say, “Ooops, well, at least I know a lot about the other one so I can suggest ways to compete with them.”

To prevent mistakes, do your research. Think before you speak.

But things do go wrong. It’s best to smile and try to move on.

I once went to an interview at Project Hope. They said, “Why should you work here?”

“Hope is my middle name,” I quipped. She looked at my resume and saw it was and (I guess) was sort of humor-deprived because she said, “Well, this job is already filled.”

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