Friday, September 7, 2012

Renting still takes a lot

Many people lost their homes or had to rent them out.

A friend is going around with friends of hers looking at apts. They want an income 3 times the rent.

This is not the buyer’s market it once was.

Backgrounds are checked, deposits squirreled away.

And I have heard of some leases with things new to me—like you pay any repair under $100.

The best part of renting—and oh, boy, do I remember it fondly—was getting someone else to repair, cut, trim, roof, paint, and worry.

The ones I love are the real estate porn shows on HGTV where a house in LA rents for $25,000 a month or something and the guy says, "Make it $22,000 and I will pay a year in advance."

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