Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stay one step ahead of the kids on tech

Soon, a fun and informative new website will debut—and yours truly will be one of the writers.


Lively, irreverent, funny, and smart—Quib.ly will examine the intersection of children (and rearing thereof) and technology.

Since kids today seem to be half “bot,” this is timely and crammed with possibilities.

One of the premier stories will be on the unique tech-sopping abilities of the teen brain. They are not like us! Bwahhh-ha-ha.

In the US, kids spend more than 8 hrs a day interacting with computers. This both takes advantage of the developing teen brain and develops it. Is this always a good thing?

To get details, you can sign up to get Quib.ly--there is an invitation at http://quib/ly.

Oh—and you will also find a story from your correspondent here when the site opens—on iDosing—getting “high” on weird noises.

Come and join us?

Why should children have all the fun?

(I remember fun--do you?)

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