Friday, September 28, 2012

Those new pre-employment tests

See below, where I talked about some new cuts companies are taking at finding employees.

To me, it seemed they ask more touchy-feely things rather than looking at past job experience—saved or made money, etc.

In a related story in the WSJ on Sept 20, 2012, Joseph Walker recounts how a hearing and speech-impaired candidate was asked to rate her self-confidence, cheerfulness, and sense of what others wanted. She scored low and sued because she said it was because of her disability—they said she was less likely to listen carefully. Well, I guess so!

These questions are OK, companies say, if the employer is not intentionally ruling people out.

But employers can be held liable if exclusion is inadvertent.

If sued, companies must prove the conclusion they came to is related to what the person would be doing on the job.

We have deaf people in our grocery store—they seem to get what you want just fine or close enough. Why does everyone have to get so fancy?

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