Friday, September 21, 2012

Watch out for pickpockets

Wow—the old becomes new again.

Scott McCartney, WSJ, Sept 20, 2012, says grifters are rampant again—or maybe always. Tourists are prime bait--even in airports.

Credit cards may be cancelled first thing, but many small purchases do not you through that system. Phones are also attractive.

Watch out if… Someone says you have a stain on your back—they may have put it there—don’t let them clean it off.

A motorcycle zips by or someone running grabs your purse. Walk away from the curb.

You find money on the street—it was probably put there b y someone who will watch you pick it up,then say, wow, we better split it—or a fake officer will appear and ask for your ID (which is in your wallet—see how this works—zip, snatched).

Pick a purse with a short strap so you can put it under your arm. Maybe even put a fat dummy wallet in it filled with paper and put money elsewhere.

Use ATMs in banks only—and check for an inner card swiper inside the slot.

Cancel cards and maybe even contact the credit agencies for a fraud alert. Check statements for small purchases.

And still—you are probably not criminal enough to beat them.

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