Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why you could use a freelance writer

Almost every client I ever had thought he or she could write a brochure or article if only they had time.

Truth is, writing is a tiny bit difficult. It’s really easy to get wrapped around the axle. Especially if you know the material too well. Also--there are tricks to it.

Almost every small business needs promotional content—according to Angie Mohr, writing on intuit.com.Websites, social media posts, email, newsletters, brochures, and so on.

It may be hard to dream up new approaches and write polished material. But –here’s the thing—it’s not that hard for a freelance writer.

A writer makes you look professional, saves you time, and yes, saves you money—you only pay when the writer works, not all the time.

Also, Mohr says, writers work for many businesses and corporate cultures. They know what others have done that works—or does not work.

Once a writer knows your product and issues, he or she can pitch in and knock out campaigns and pieces.

Sooo…how to find a freelance writer? I am one.

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