Thursday, October 4, 2012

Applying to biz school

The WSJ did a story Oct 4, 2012, on the ins and outs of applying to business school. Melissa Korn’s sidebar was an interview with four experts—Keith Vaughn of Univ of Southern Cal, Dawna Levenson of MIT, Amanda Carlson of Columbia, and Jeremy Shinewald, of mbaMission, a consulting firm.

Vaughn said the applicant pool is shifting-fewer from financial sector. The domestic pool is stagnant if not down.

People are more intense about school ranking, Shinewald said—this is seen as make or break. The school, they think, determines their future more than their performance.

People also think they need a NY school to stay in NY—these people said that was not true.

Artists and doctors can apply successfully—but must tie their skills to the MBA in the app.

The optional essay can do the above.

Some people can’t relax, take the mask down.

You should also spend more time talking to your recommender—so they can say why you are going to benefit from an MBA.

In other words, make sure this credential leads to what you want—because it’s going to cost.

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