Monday, October 1, 2012

Best time to do everything

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Sept 26, 2012, says you can do more in a day if you time it right.

This goes beyond whether you are a day or night person, a lark or owl.

You need to organize around your body’s natural rhythm. Few people do.

Disrupting those Circadian rhythms can even cause or make certain diseases worse.

When you need to think and reason, late morning is best for most adults. Body temp rises as you wake and go through the day, alertness improves.

Alertness then slumps after you eat.

Fatigue can—surprisingly—boost creative powers. For most adults, open-ended thinking is best done in the evening or when pooped.

Strangely, this story also treated Tweets—they are more upbeat earlier in the day—more fun to read. To get retweeted, post from 3-6 PM.

Late-nite tweeting can get heated. (Drunktweeting?)

Physical performance, as a rule, is best between 3-6 PM—good time to exercise. Muscles can be 6% stronger then.

Remember the old Biorhythms deal? Physical—mental—emotional. They could be at diff levels. Is that passé now?

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