Thursday, October 11, 2012

How are you fixed for butterflies?

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Oct 10, 2012, says job pressures are second only to financial worries in stressing people out.

Companies are trying to stretch employees thinner by emphasizing mindful communication and cognitive behavioral training,

People take seminars on breathing, meditation, bringing thoughts back when they wander (the thoughts).

They scan their bodies for tension.

If stuck in traffic, employees learn to appreciate the sights around them without reaching for a gun.

They learn to screen out negative thoughts. They try to experience happiness each day.

One company had a five-acre meadow teeming with butterflies for employees to look at.

Lacking that, another company had a room full of beach posters.

This will not, said one expert, make up for having a jerk for a boss.

Still, my hummingbirds amuse me as they come calling at the feeder.

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