Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life lessons from Gallery Girls

This is a weird “reality” show on Bravo about some 20-somethings in NY working in art galleries. They are almost to a woman, youthful, beautiful, and have a feeling for art, but they are also kind of whiny and can’t let go of a slight to save their lives.

Two have father issues—one has a rich doctor Dad who sells her condo out from under her and says she better get a paying job instead of an internship. This girl, Amy, is sort of dorky, but also seems very well meaning and dogged in helping her friends set up an impromptu opening in Miami—she even drags in the customers off the street, while the other gals sit around whining about low turnout.

In short, Amy is a go-getter.

The other one with father issues, Liz, has a remote, rich dad with warehouses of neat art but he doesn’t take her out to dinner enough. Liz tends of be…snotty.

Maggie is nice, but got bogged into an unpaid internship for several years and she finally quits thinking she is getting a job where she tried out for a few hours.

Ooops—dogged Amy also tried out for a few hours, can make a mean cup of cappuccino (a job requirement, I think) and is as wiggly as a puppy about how much she wants to work there,

She gets the job!

See where I am going with this—you have to want the job, show it.

This is nothing against Maggie—I think she got sort of played…But life is like that. Remember what Auntie Star tells you now.

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