Friday, October 12, 2012

Make the Job Fair work!

OK, let’s pretend there are more jobs—are you finding more job fairs? I am not. But whatever.

Anyhow, Johnny Gutierrez, AZ Republic, July 25, 2012, says big job fairs can be intimidating.

Still, this can be one-stop shopping if you do your homework.

Research the companies that will be there. Are any appropriate for you?

Smaller, more specialized fairs are now the rage. These may give you more face time with the people there, too.

So dress professionally, tie and dress slacks for men, a suit or covered-up dress for women.

Be friendly, professional, decent handshake.

Be sure your materials are perfect—no weird parchment paper, no personal photos.

And if you have a nice conversation—follow up with a written thank you note.

Be someone you would want to work with!

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