Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Maybe living at home isn't so bad

You know—at home, where Mom and Dad, or one of them, anyhow, pays for the roof, food, electric, water, cable…that home?

Michelle V. Rafter, WSJ, Oct 22, 2012, writes how some grads who returned home see a silver lining.

One woman saved $12K in two years—and then lit out on her own.

Yes, boomerang kids are beginning to find their footing, but they now think returning home was not the horrible defeat they once thought.

In 2010, one in five young Americans lived in a multigenerational home. Almost 80% said it was OK.

One hand does wash the other—kids get a home base, parents may get help with yardwork or other chores that challenge older limbs.

When they move out, often they do not move far—they feel a loyalty to the parents.

My kid is 30 and lives here. She said I never told her she had to leave and she doesn’t want to. I need her around when I have dizzy spells, etc—but I worry that I may be too dependent on her—that she needs to strike out. She says no, though.

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