Monday, October 8, 2012

Part-time may be the ticket now

Those “creative” employment stats—mostly people cobbling part-time things into a semblance of a living.

So maybe this is what we have to do.

CareerBuilder has some part-time things you may have overlooked.

Catering or cater-waiter. This can pay almost $10 an hour.

Chauffeur. Think $11 an hour. You may need a special license and will work weird hours.

Dog walker. Be strong and patient. Those pooches can yank ya. Save up plenty of plastic bags.

Fitness or yoga instructor. You may close in on twenty bucks an hour—but you need to know your stuff.

Massage therapist—You may need hundreds of hours of experience and a certificate—this is not the hot pants kind of massage.

Translators. Yes, you need to be fluent in another language. This twenty-bucks-per-hourish.

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