Friday, October 26, 2012


I am feeling ornery. The more we digitize, monetize, rationalize, the less efficient things are becoming.

In no particular order:

Doctors whose staff doesn’t answer—please leave a message, they will call back. This is to make an appointment! Sit there during business hours and take calls! Half the time, they don’t call and you are too sick or too tired from powering though, you can’t remember if they did or not. Humpf.

And forget that Lunch Two-Hour, docs--stagger the staff lunches, don't shut the office.

Bad hold music. I swear some of this stuff sounds like a 5-year-old practicing the piano.

Too frequent interruptions of the bad hold music—“We appreciate your patience…” This is a joke—we are not OK with this. ‘Shut up so we can read—or more likely, so we can suddenly hear “Deet deet deet—if you would like to make a call…”

Do not brightly announce that you have a website which we no doubt would prefer to use. If we wanted the website, would we be sitting on this line? Come on! This is not our first rodeo. The stupid website would probably hang, anyhow—or already did, which is why we are calling. Not that YOU care.

Do not say, “I tried to call you…” I sit here all day—you did not!

Not not not!

I need my binky.

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