Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy brings out the best in some companies

Christine Overby writes for She says the social media went crazy over the storm.

My favorite line was in the NYT—“Sandy slapped the snark out of Twitter.”

I would like to slap the snark out of people—so long as they are not moi.

Anyhow, Overby says USAA’s mobile app was Johnny on the spot allowing people to report damages with pictures and submit insurance claimns from their phones. So useful!

Citi Cards and American Express, two almost evil entities in my book, rose to the occasion and offered access to cash, fee waivers, and general instructions on how to get help. The right tone—and right values—Overby says. Well, good for them!

The WSJ and NYT also suspended their paywalls until this is over so people could stay informed.

Of course, some companies were dopey. The Gap tweeted… “All impacted by Sandy, stay safe! We will be doing lots of shopping today.”

This did not go over—one tweetee (tweety?) tweeted back: “Drowning in Gap hoodie.Send help.”

The Gap could have used a little snark slapping.

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