Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Unlimited paid vacation

Otherwise known as WOO HOO! According to Leslie Kwoh, WSJ, Oct 29, 2012, says some—repeat, some—companies offer trusted employees unlimited paid time off.

So far, the system is not being abused. One such cmpany, Red Frog Events, is a Chicago entertainment organizer. They let full-timers take off here and there, no questions asked.

Only 1% of employers do this. The average worker gets 2.6 weeks of paid vacay in a fixed system.

Proceed with caution, employers are advised.

Still, companies that do this seem to be insisting that workers who feel trusted are trustworthy.

One company did say some workers “made a mistake” and missed a meeting. If that is a mistake, maybe this isn’t as nicey-nice as it sounds.

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