Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is a good retirement job?

You didn’t know you would still work? Oh, yes.

Andrea Coombes, WSJ, Oct 22, 2012, says there are more older looking for jobs now and getting them, too. More Americans turn 55 than 25, in other words.

Employers, too, are seeing that older workers bring skills and experience. If an older worker loses a job, though, he or she is likely to be unemployed longer. Sad face.

Education is one area older workers try to enter. But the game is being amped up there with greater emphasis on teacher performance. Still, if you have a skill set—you can get hired. You may not need a teaching degree.

Financial services is also popular with older people. This sector tries to offer flexible schedules.

Health care is reaching out to the older worker, according to this. This crosses the board from the greeter at the door, to the person who fills out paperwork, to actual nurses and doctors. There are even sort of new jobs—such as patient advocate.

Knowledge worker—such as consultants—are also in demand. If you have technical niche, more the better.

I have a friend who got certificated to teach English to non-English speakers. This is very complicated! I am in awe of her new start.

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