Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What is your biggest strength?

Seriously—this is not a canned interview question. Think about it. How about, I am usually curious and try to learn. Or:I seem to get along with most people. Or: I think I get really good ideas.

Please do not say, I am just too big a perfectionist. You think this will help you in an interview—but it’s trite and probably not true. I had a guy once in an office situation say—“You always want to do everything right!” He was not complimenting me—he was furious.

Now—that is sort of funny. I am taking a laugh break.

OK—I am back!

Anyhow—Justin Thompson, CareerBuilder, says you also have to be careful on the What is your greatest weakness question. If you are bad with numbers and it’s a banking job…well, be careful.

If they ask you to tell them about yourself—do not start with “It was a dark and stormy night and a little baby came into this world with great expectations…” Keep it short. Think it through in advance.

They may also try to get you into what you expect to be paid. Try to keep this until the end. Have the lowest figure you’d take in mind to maintain your lifestyle, then add and see if the negotiation takes you to a comfortable number.

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