Monday, November 12, 2012

Can you get one of these 3 million jobs?

Check out this story from the Nov 11, 2012 edition of 60 Minutes.;cbsCarousel

Apparently there are millions of manufacturing jobs going begging because people need training for the specific job—the companies say they can’t pay for training and pay American wages, soooo…. They claim training could take 1-2 yrs.

This means the ever-popular government is going to pay…There are already programs in some junior colleges to certificate people for certain jobs. (This seems to take a few months, not 1-2 years.)

In the piece, the trainees had to master trigonometry—but were thrilled to have the precision tooling work.

Are too many people going to college—and not enough to short-term training? Could be.

By the way--Chandler, AZ, my burg, is now being touted as the chip--makers to the world. If you get a job here, look me up.

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