Friday, November 9, 2012

Do you have a job search mentor?

I am trying to think if I ever had a mentor. I did have a full-on insane, alcoholic boss who gave me raises and threw things I wrote back to me and said, “Try again.” Is that how I learned to write?

Oh, well…he’s gone now and I am still here.

CareerBuilder says having a JOB SEARCH mentor can help. Hey—I thought I was your job search mentor!

Make it someone you respect—someone you look up to.

Your mentor can provide a second set of eyes on your materials.

You can maybe get access to that person’s network—a good thing.

The mentor should be honest even if it hurts your feelings.

Maybe this person is an old boss.

But whoever you find, be considerate of their time.

Keep it professional.

Don’t get defensive—be open.

Show you have followed the advice—and thank the person.

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