Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do you speak Executive?

In the Nov Marie Claire, there is a fun little translation of what executives say about you into what they really mean.

Too edgy. You are not friendly enough, not approachable. Smile more and take time for chitchat.

Lack impact. Too passive in meetings. Pipe up with ideas.

Too emotional. You wave your arms around and act out of control. Make more eye contact and gesture with one hand. (No, not with one finger.)

Not a team player. Standoffish with coworkers. Always go to happy hour.

Too laid back. You dress unprofessionally and don’t seem urgent enough about work. Get some new duds and schmooze more.

Need to dial it back. Too quick to offer your two cents. Praise someone’s idea first, then offer your twist.
Too risky. Your ideas may not be realistic. Watch the others—see what the boss likes.

Need to be more assertive. Maybe you speak too softly, giggle or use baby talk. Stop doubting yourself!

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