Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flirting--what is it really?

With all those generals sniffing around those babes in the news, the art of flirting is getting a bad name.

The WSJ even tried to define it Nov 3, 2102, saying people flirt to get a mate, have fun, boost self-esteem, gauge interest, or reinforce a relationship.

How scientific.

They even laid out rules—assess the level of interest of the other person, don’t let banter head in a gross direction, don’t try to make your partner jealous. When there is a power difference—say between a boss and an employee—watch out.

Don’t put a hand on an arm without knowing it it’s welcome.

We used to have a family friend who called everyone "dearie." She was cute--even in her older years. No one objected.

To me, flirting is human interaction—charm, if you will. You are showing an interest in what someone is saying or pleasure in their presence…people like that.

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