Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fooling around--note the word fool

I saw it in real life—now we are seeing it in the headlines. Occasionally, high-ranking or successful people (most often men) think they deserve whatever sexual opportunities come their way. Somehow the rules do not apply to them.

Are they really so stalwart in their business dealings and then so weak in their personal will power?

Does their word (marriage vows) mean nothing?

Is this somehow justified because they deserve some babe instead of the mother of their kids, maybe with her untinted hair or matronly figure?

Of course, no one can look inside another person’s relationship—I have learned this. But in this latest case, this gal seems pretty manipulative over this married man, to the point of forgetting her own husband and kids. Or at least figuring they would not find out.

What is the word I am looking for—unstable. That’s it.

If you are on either side of this—prepare to hurt and be hurt. Is it worth it?

To be forthright, in my youth, I once engaged in an affair with a married man. I figured it was between him and his wife--not me. Now I see how stupid THAT was--this has haunted me for decades. My own relationship blew up partly because of another woman. This stuff is not good.

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